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Partner: Asheshwor Man Shreshta

Interesting Facts: He has lived in Nepal and is now living in Hawaii.

Proverb: Jaane lai srikhanda, najaane lai khurpa ko bid.
"For those who know the meaning and use, a tool or a knowledge can be very useful. But for others, the same tool or knowledge can be useless."

Symbol of Nepal: Nepalese Flag-It is in the shape of two pennons, or pennants, stacked on top of each other. This represents a Nepalese pagoda and the Hindu and Buddhist religions of the country.It also represents the Himalaya Mountains that make up part of the country. The blue border symbolizes peace and harmony. The red color of Nepal's flag is the country's national color. This color symbolizes the incredibly brave spirit of the Nepalese people, as well as victory in war. With in the flag's two pennons are two celestial bodies: the sun and the moon. The moon represents the soothing and calming nature of the Nepalese people. It also symbolizes the cooler weather of the Himalayan Mountains. The sun represents their steadfast resolve, and the heat and high temperatures of the more southern parts of Nepal.

Song of Nepal: Hera na hera kancha, sung by Aruna Lama. This is a love song that is absolutely beautiful. It has wonderful lyrics and melody.http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=e05mjsulCVg